About two months ago, she found out the BUG hit her.

Became real spiteful,decided to take a few with her.

Went out to the club,sat down at the bar.

Caught notice of this dude,watching her from afar.

Seductively she teased him,licking her lips.

As she rolled her tongue slowly,in between sips.

He came over  to her,and introduced himself.

Without the slightest clue of the condition of her health.

They held conversation,all throughout the night,

Holding each other close, as they danced under the dim light.

She took him to her place,after they left the club.

Slipped into something more comfortable and gave him a back rub.

Her hands were so warm,then she turned him around.

Licked on his stomach,and started going down.

He got excited,so she fixed another drink to calm him.

Went to the bathroom and poked saftey pin holes in the condom.

She came back to the room,and fucked him outta control.

There was an angle in her face,but a demon in her soul.

She exploded on top of him ,while he handled his biz.

Sent the disease home with him, to his wife and kids.



Author:    “SPEAKEASY”